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Does the camp have insurance?

Insurance - The Conservation Camp has limited insurance in that campers without insurance will be covered. Those with insurance are expected to use their own and the camp insurance will cover any additional funds if needed.


How do I get to Camp?

Campers are responsible to arrange their own transportation to Camp Caesar. The sponsoring agency may be called on to assist in arranging transportation for its campers to and from Camp Caesar.  


How much does camp cost?

The cost for each camper is two hundred dollars ($200.00) and is typically provided the community sponsors, parents, or other individuals. 

These funds provide food, lodging and insurance, which covers campers from the time of departure from their place of residence until they return home at the close of camp.

Checks to be made payable to WV Conservation Camp.


What ages can come to Conservation Camp?

Boys and Girls at least 14 and not yet 18 (as of the start of camp) are welcome to sign up for camp


What is the camp's media policy?

Photographs or tapes (video and/or audio) may be made of youth attending Conservation Camp. They may be used in local and state newspapers, as well as in other materials to promote the camp program. If you do not want us to use photographs or tapes of your child, please attach a note, with your signature and date, stating that "photographs or tapes of my child are not to be used in promoting the camp program."


What is the Scholarship Form?

The Scholarship form is the main registration form for camp. We are transitioning to an online registration system, however the paper based scholarship form is still available. There are three sections to the form:

  • Section B -- Return Travel Statement
  • Section C -- Consent Form
  • Section D -- Basic Registration Info

A separate health form must also be filled out and signed by parent/guardian.  The camper must bring a signed paper copy of this health certificate to camp. LINK TO FORM


Who sponsors campers for Conservation Camp?

The following organizations sponsor the West Virginia Conservation Camp through appointment of camp staff, scholarships, grants, and selection of campers.
• West Virginia Division of Forestry
• West Virginia Conservation Education Council
• West Virginia University Cooperative Extension Service
• West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
• West Virginia Division of Parks and Tourism
• Bureau of Vocational Education
• West Virginia Conservation Districts
• West Virginia Conservation Agency
• Natural Resource Conservation Service
• West Virginia Garden Clubs, Inc.
• Izaak Walton League of America
• National Park Service and Sportsmen's Clubs
• National Rifle Association
Memorial scholarships have been funded in the names of I.B. "Tubby" Boggs, George Sharpe, Col. Allen Woodburn, Clay Messinger, George Griffith, Wesley Frame Jr. and Bob Combs.